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GCGC Relay Caches

GCGC Relays

We have decided to do a little geocaching fun away from the website.  This
is what the GCGC Relays are.  These will be geocaches that are not listed on the website and will be for GCGC members only.  You may have noticed the "GCGC Caches 0"
line listed under your name when you post messages.  This will record your GCGC Relay cache finds. 
Here is how GCGC Relays will work:

We will hide a cache and start a thread in this board.  We will post the coordinates and any
specific rules for the relay in the first post.  At that point any member can go look for the cache.  The
cache will not contain a log sheet but will instead contain a password.   The person who finds the
cache will take the cache and post the password.  The previous hider will confim the password.  At
this point the finder will hide the cache in a new location with a new password.  They will then post
the new coordinates and the hunt will be on again.  Here is an example relay:

Thread Topic:  "Street Corner Relay"

Moderator:  Welcome to the Street Corner Relay.  For this relay, all hides must
                    be within 15 feet of the intersecetion of two streets.  The beginning
                    coordinates are XXX YYY.  Good Luck!

Sally:         I found it..  The password was: COMPUTER

Moderator:  Correct!  Contratulations.
(Moderator will award Sally one found point)   

Sally:         The new coordinates of the cache are AAA BBB.

Ed:            I looked everywhere but I couldn't find it :(
(No point change for a DNF)

Bill:           I found it!  The password was:  PUMPKIN

Sally:        Correct
(moderator will award Bill one found point)

Here are the basic rules:
1.  Caches must be placed with 25 miles of downtown Charlotte.
2.  All placement rules from apply except for the distance between caches rule.  Since these
     caches will not be logged on we do not need to worry about where their caches are.
3.  Do not log your hide on  The cache will be moving and that is one type of cache not
    allowed by their rules.
4.  Please try to log your finds as soon as possible, preferably the same day.  Since the cache will be moving,
    we don't want to have people looking for the cache if it no longer at the previous location.
5.  Right now, relays will all be started by Admins and Moderators.  Once we get a couple going and the rules
     worked out, we may open it so others can start their own relays.

These rules may be changed or ammended.  If you have any comments for rule changes or ideas for a type of
relay that you would like to see, please post them in the "Relay Comments" thread.  Any rule changes that
we decide to make will be changed in this thread by a moderator.