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Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be continuously updated. If you have a question and do not see it listed here, please submit it on this thread. Questions listed here that do not have an answer are in the process of being updated with an answer.

Q:  What is Geocaching?
A:  Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches" or "caches") anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and "treasure," usually toys or trinkets of little value. Geocaches can found all over the world.

To get more information, look at the F.A.Q. on the Geocaching website.

Q:  What is the GCGC?
A:  The GCGC is the Greater Charlotte Geocaching Club, and the only membership requirement is that you go out and have fun geocaching in the greater Charlotte area!  Of course we would encourage you to attend our next event where in the past, we've come to enjoy great fellowship with geocachers in our area and beyond.

We will also have events scheduled from time to time that will allow us to give back to the community and to raise awareness of the great sport of geocaching.  These events will include C.I.T.O. events as well as community scavenger hunts and charity-based gatherings.

We encourage you to get outdoors and find some awesome caches in the greater Charlotte area and become involved in the GCGC as we cache into the future!

Q:  I don't want to receive GCGC newletters.  How can I be removed from the list?
A:  Go to your profile then choose Modify Profile and then Group Membership.  Click on the "Leave Group" link next to the Mailing List membergroup.

Q:  Sometimes I need help finding a cache.  Is there anyone I can call when I'm out caching?
Q:  What is a PAC or PAF list or how do I get on the list?
A:  PAC stands for Phone - A - Cacher and PAF stands for Phone - A - Friend. We here, at the GCGC, have a group of geocachers that are on a phone list for the inevitable situation when you are at a cache location and need an extra hint. Pull up your phone list of a cacher that you know has found the one you are looking for or someone you think may be able to help by being your online eyes to the cache page for reading of the description or clue once more. If you would like to be a part of the ever growing list, visit this thread.

Q:  How do I change my Avatar & Title?
A:  To change your avatar, title or any other aspect of your profile to which others can see, click on the "Profile" link at the top of the page (after you are logged in) and it will take you to your profile. Next hover your mouse over the "Modify Profile" link and there will be a drop down list appear. In the drop down list, click on "forum profile". There you will see several aspects of your profile which you can change. After you have changed one, a few or all, don't forget to click the "CHANGE PROFILE" button at the bottom.

Q:  How do I post a link with a cool name instead of all that gibberish?
A:  This is by far, easier than you think. The code is simple, but different where used.

For BBC Code: (mostly used on this site)
[*url=http://*gibberish or website address here]cool name here[*/url]

For HTML Code: (for use on webpages)
<*a href="http://*gibberish or website address here">cool name here</*a>

Replace all items in red with the listed replacements and remove all * from the code

Q:  How do I earn credits for the shop?
A:  The shop is a virtual shop. No tangible items can be purchased and received. It's all in fun as an extra "fun-type" thing on the site. Credits are earned in a variety of ways. Every word posted earns points. Every new topic posted by you earns points. When you go into the shop, there are a few games you can play to earn points as well. Different games have different point values. Again, though, it's all in fun and will not result in tangible prizes or goods sent to you. Go to the shop and see where you rank among others. Besides, aren't bragging rights always better. :D

Q:  Im using a public computer and log in to the GCGC.  Now how do I log out so my profile is not used by someone else.
A:  Make sure you do not allow the web browser you are using to remember your password and ALWAYS make sure you click on the "LOGOUT" button along the top links line when you are about to walk away from the computer.

Q:  How do I add my gc banner on my GCGC profile?
A:  Follow the instructions above on how to get to changing your avatar or title. After you are on your forum profile page to make changes, adding your stat bar will go in the "signature" section. To get your personal statbar go to when logged into This should bring up your personal statbar page and simple instructions on copying the code to use.

For advanced users (and those wishing to try), you can visit Ranger Fox's Statbar generator page which can insert special images, icons and your own logo (directions how to on the site) and insert the generated code in the "signature"section. To visit his site, go to

As always, DO NOT forget to click on the "CHANGE PROFILE" button at the bottom.

Q:  How do I add a GCGC link to a cache description?
A:  Add a link? Go ahead and add a banner too. This topic was discussed on the thread Cache listing help needed. The specific post for the code to use is her for more information and additional help read the whole thread.

Also, make sure you know some basic HTML coding when adding this. Checking the box which labels the description as HTML will change the way you need to write the description.

Q:  What is a GCGC cache?
A:  A GCGC cache is a Relay cache and part of our ongoing ideas to make geocaching more fun in and around the Charlotte area. You can read more information by going to the GCGC Relay Caches page.

Q:  Why won't my picture publish?
A:  As a precaution and safety measure to avoid spam posts and uploads, all members must be frequent enough on the site to be automatically added into the "Seasoned Cacher" member group. This member group are those who have made 100 or more posts to threads on the site. Any picture uploaded from a member who has less than 100 posts, must be approved by an admin or moderator before they are available for public viewing. After a member has reached the 100 posts mark, all pictures will be auto-approved.